HOC600 Shocker! 2


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      The HOC600 Shocker! 2 male chastity device is an innovative design.

      Made from ABS, it is lightweight, hypoallergenic and durable.

      The cage has been vented for hygiene and has a bottom opening to allow for use at urinals.

      The shocker comes with a plug in hookable panel that allows the wearer to receive several different levels of shock when wearing the device. Unlike the original shocker the panel holds batteries and receives a signal that allows the control panel to be used remotely. 

      The different size rings and spacers included allow you to customise your cage to fit your individual needs.

      Set includes:

      1 Cage, Length 75mm, Diameter 35mm

      1 Adjustable Ring, Diameter 40mm - 52mm Approximately

      1 Set Of Plug In Wires

      1 Hookable Receiver Panel - Width: 55mm, Length: 68mm, Depth 15mm

      1 Control Panel with batteries included

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