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House Of Chastity, where possible, provide sizes and dimensions of all products.
Please take note when purchasing that you are choosing the correct size.
If you are visiting the House Of Chastity website then you probably like the idea of chastity. This interest may be for you to use alone or for you to use with a partner/mistress.
The idea of chastity itself has been around for 1,000's of years and is not some scary new idea - so you interest to become chaste, for yourself or partner can be fulfilled at House Of Chastity.
We do recommend that if you are wishing to do this with a partner/mistress that you have a full and frank conversation which will allow you to both agree the foundations of this shared interest.
Honesty and Trust are the key.
Having decided to enter the world of chastity, you will now find that there are a wide range of chastity devices to choose from. Just at a quick glance you will note that we offer plastic, silicone and stainless steel cages.
If you are new to this scene then we recommend taking the time to consider the amount of use/wear time that the device will receive and comfort is paramount.
For all beginners House Of Chastity recommend purchasing a silicone cage as the silicone is quite forgiving and a comfortable material which will facilitate infrequent or day to day wear.
On you have completed your introduction, you are then ready to step up to the plastic (intermediate), or metal cages for heavier play.
When your chastity device arrives we recommend taking your time to examine your new purchase.
1. Examine the device with your fingers to ensure that there are no sharp edges which will cause discomfort to the wearer.
2. Check all pieces are in the package, you don't need to lock yourself in and then find that there are no keys!!
3. Fit together the chastity device and lock - before wearing. This way you can ensure that your purchase is in full working order.
4. If you item does not seem to pass all of the above checks then please contact us.
When you choose to actually fit your device, for ease of fitment we advise that you try to avoid getting an erection, as this will make the process a lot harder.
If you are struggling due to the excitement  then a cold shower can resolve the situation.
1. Lubrication - we recommend lubricating your device to allow smooth and comfortable fitting.
2. Fit the device and ensure that it fits comfortably before locking yourself into it - you are expecting to wear it for a while, so comfort of fit is essential.
3. Lock the device - you have checked that it is comfortable and are now happy to place the padlock on.
4. Keys - most chastity devices come with at least two keys. Please make sure that you keep one of the keys in a safe place, so that you can access it, if you really need to remove the device. 
You really don't want to have left the keys with your partner/mistress and find you have an emergency and are unable to remove it.
You are now ready to immerse yourself in the world of chastity - we hope that you enjoy it.
When fitting a device  we can not recommend lubricant enough. You are intending to fit this item directly to skin, so to avoid discomfort or injury, lubricant will be required.
All of our products are sold as toys and for entertainment purposes only. We are aware that some purchasers will intend long term usage of their item but we advise removal of the device at least once a week to clean the skin and cage; and to check over the device for wear and tear. 
Failing to regularly remove the device will be at the users own risk.