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      * Introductory Offer*

      We are pleased to introduce the Cellmate.

      This Cellmate chastity device takes chastity control to a whole new level.

      Rather than the wearer being locked in to the cage by lock and key, the Cellmate is controlled by the QIUI app allowing the cage to be fitted by the wearer themselves  before handing full control over to the key holder and allowing themselves to be locked in until the key holder chooses to release them. 

      As the cage is controlled by an app, the key holder can choose to unlock the wearer at any place or time of their choosing and does not have to be present to unlock the device.

      To link your device to the app simply sign up for a free account, create a user ID, pair via blue tooth to your phone before sending your chosen key holder permission to link to your account. Please be aware that when you provide the key holder access they are the only person that can unlock the cage, however this can be done via the app wherever and whenever required. As an added benefit we have included a spare battery.

      The chastity cage is made from 100% Bisphenol a (bpa) converts low viscosityPC and the chlorinated rubber painted surface repels water. It has a galvanised alloy clasp and stainless steel hardware.

      The main key features of the cage and app are:

      Remote locking,

      Real-time geographic location

      Real-time battery detection

      Remote control key less entry

      The bluetooth chip is equipped with LED lights


      Battery life 8 - 12 months

      Service life about 6 years


      The product includes:

      1 Cage

      2 x Rings 47 mm and 51 mm

      1 Spare Battery


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