Electro 600HOC


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      The Electro 600HOC combines the comfort and pleasure of wearing the 600HOC with the thrill and excitement of electrical pulses.

      This kit allows the wearer to fit the electrical attachments and with the control box included play with a range of electrical pulses sent straight the the chastity device.

      This set comes with;

      1 x 600HOC Standard 


      Cage Length: 9 cm

      Cage Diameter: 3.4 cm

      Ring Sizes: 3.5 cm, 3.8 cm, 4.3 cm, 4.6 cm, 4.9 cm


      1 x Electrical Wiring Kit

      2 x rubber nodules

      1 x electrical wiring with appropriate attachments


      1 x Control Panel.

      Button Options:

      Power, Pulse, Numb, Absorb, Auto, Adjust

      Side Dial to adjust pulse strength.

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