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We Would Like To Introduce You To Our Simple Guide To Our Chastity Cages Depending On Your Level Of Experience. 

We have kept it simple To Allow You To Decide Which Cage Is Best For You.

CLASSIC - We offer a large range of 'Classic' cages, these cages come in a range of lengths, have a simple design that has the comfort of the wearer in mind and perfect for you to train in.

These chastity cages come in a range of designs, colours and materials.

INTERMEDIATE - Next in the range is 'Intermediate', these cages are for when your training has been going well and you are ready to test yourself a little further.This could be a reduction in length such as a nub, or the introduction of a heavier cage, you will find a range of metal chastity cages with the 2 lock symbol, these cages will be a little less forgiving.

 TRAINED - Finally we come to our 'Trained' chastity cages, these are for those of you that have been training for a while, have succeeded in comfortably wearing the chastity cages in our previous two levels and are now looking to test yourselves further.

These cages will include such elements as being super small, we are talking negative lengths,  offering electric shocks, or barbed rings or screws.

Cages with this rating are not designed to be easy to wear.



House Of Chastity, where possible, provide sizes and dimensions of all products.

Please take note when purchasing that you are choosing the correct size.

As a customer, you are looking for a well fitting chastity cage, snug enough to prevent an erection but not so tight that it is painful to wear or cuts off blood flow.

If you are visiting the House Of Chastity website then you probably like the idea of chastity. This interest may be for you to use alone or for you to use with a partner/mistress.

The idea of chastity itself has been around for 1,000's of years and is not some scary new idea - so you interest to become chaste, for yourself or partner can be fulfilled at House Of Chastity.

We do recommend that if you are wishing to do this with a partner/mistress that you have a full and frank conversation which will allow you to both agree the foundations of this shared interest.

Honesty and Trust are the key.

Having explored our store you will note that there are 2 separate measurements required, 1 for the base ring and 1 for the cage, how to measure yourself for these is simple:

1: The Base Ring

House Of Chastity has a wide range of chastity cages and they are offered in a couple of ways. They are offered in kit form with a cage and range of base rings or as a cage and individual base ring.

Our base rings come in a variety of sizes, the sizing relates to the diameter of the ring (the measurement from one side of the ring to the other).

To find a well fitting base ring, it will sit comfortably behind your testicles with no gapping, it is important that it allows blood to continue to flow to the penis and  you should never experience any discomfort or numbness whilst wearing the base ring.

When measuring yourself or a partner, we suggest measuring the circumference of the proposed wearers cock, you can then divide the measurement by pi (3.14) which will give you an idea of the diameter.

It is important when measuring the circumference that the cock is flaccid but has blood flow, just after a bath or shower is a good time to take the measurement. We also recommend taking the measurement several times, this should then provide an accurate measurement.

If this proves difficult, we do sell chastity measuring rings that may help you to work out your diameter.

2: The Chastity Cage

To work out the length of chastity cage that you require is very simple.

You are measuring the length of your cock from base to tip, again, the cock needs to be flaccid but with blood flow - after a warm shower is recommended.

When measuring the length please make sure that you stand up straight and measure from the pubic bone to the tip of your cock. Press firmly into the pubic bone to ensure that the stomach does not reduce the measurement.

It might be useful to have a friend help you measure.

Once you have your measurement subtract 1/4" and 1/2" (about 6-13mm) to work out the required cage length.

Please note that a correctly fitting chastity cage will fit securely but will not cause discomfort or stop you from urinating. The length of our cages are designed for your urethral slit to sit at the urinal opening of the cage and their width is designed to be narrow enough for you to be denied an erection

Having decided to enter the world of chastity, you will now find that there are a wide range of chastity devices to choose from. Just at a quick glance you will note that we offer plastic, silicone and stainless steel cages.

If you are new to this scene then we recommend taking the time to consider the amount of use/wear time that the device will receive and comfort is paramount.

For all beginners House Of Chastity recommend purchasing a silicone cage as the silicone is quite forgiving and a comfortable material which will facilitate infrequent or day to day wear.

On you have completed your introduction, you are then ready to step up to the plastic (intermediate), or metal cages for heavier play.

When your chastity device arrives we recommend taking your time to examine your new purchase.

1. Examine the device with your fingers to ensure that there are no sharp edges which will cause discomfort to the wearer.

2. Check all pieces are in the package, you don't need to lock yourself in and then find that there are no keys!!

3. Fit together the chastity device and lock - before wearing. This way you can ensure that your purchase is in full working order.

4. If you item does not seem to pass all of the above checks then please contact us.


When you choose to actually fit your device, for ease of fitment we advise that you try to avoid getting an erection, as this will make the process a lot harder.

If you are struggling due to the excitement  then a cold shower can resolve the situation.

1. Lubrication - we recommend lubricating your device to allow smooth and comfortable fitting.

2. Fit the device and ensure that it fits comfortably before locking yourself into it - you are expecting to wear it for a while, so comfort of fit is essential.

3. Lock the device - you have checked that it is comfortable and are now happy to place the padlock on.

4. Keys - most chastity devices come with at least two keys. Please make sure that you keep one of the keys in a safe place, so that you can access it, if you really need to remove the device. 

You really don't want to have left the keys with your partner/mistress and find you have an emergency and are unable to remove it.

You are now ready to immerse yourself in the world of chastity - we hope that you enjoy it.

When fitting a device  we can not recommend lubricant enough. You are intending to fit this item directly to skin, so to avoid discomfort or injury, lubricant will be required.

When first wearing your chastity cage please check for rough edges, our cages are finished by hand, which is not as delicate as the area that they will be worn on and rough edges may be missed in the smoothing process.

If you find rough edges on your chastity cage, all you need to do is buff them out with fine sand paper until the area is smooth and then your cage will be suitable for wearing.

Do not wear the chastity cage if you can feel rough edges!

All of our products are sold as toys and for entertainment purposes only. We are aware that some purchasers will intend long term usage of their item but we advise getting to know your chastity device to begin with and then removal of the device at least once a week to clean the skin and cage; and to check over the device for wear and tear. 

If you experience any pain, discomfort, bruising or any issues at all, remove the chastity device.

Failing to regularly remove the device will be at the users own risk.

  • I don't want anyone to know what I've ordered

We ship all orders in plain, secure packaging with no branding. International orders display "HOC Inc." as the name. 

  • My chastity cage has sharp edges, what should I do?

If your chastity cage has some sharp edges, this is okay, they have just been missed in the hand finishing process. 

Please remember that you are the first person to wear the chastity cage and the part of the body that you wear it on is much more sensitive than a hand feeling for any rough edges.

All you need to do is, rub down any rough edges that you find with fine sandpaper.

Do not wear the chastity cage if you know that there are rough edges before rubbing them down.

  • Can I wear a chastity cage for extended periods of time?

It's important to follow a proper hygiene routine and listen to your body when wearing a chastity cage for extended periods of time. We recommend reading the information above for more information on safe and comfortable wear.

  • What is your largest base ring?

To see our larger base rings, you can head into the store and in the drop down menu under Chastity Cages, you will find 51mm+ Base ring Chastity Cages, here you will find our larger base rings.
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  • The product I want is sold out, when will it be back in stock?

We continuously have products arriving, so the item that you want is probably due in shortly, we would recommend  hitting the NOTIFY ME WHEN BACK IN STOCK button in the product description and you will be notified as soon as it is in stock.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship our products worldwide. All orders are sent in discreet packaging, you will receive a tracking number and will be able to follow your order on its journey.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that orders will clear customs in certain countries where our products may not be legal. Please check with your local customs office for more information.

  • What is your contact info?

To contact us, please email us at